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Below are pictures of the animals that have given my family love and joy over the years. They have all crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I never met any of them but my mum says that I should try to be like them - then I will be a wonderful companion and loving member of the family.

Steve Irwin at the Rainbow Birdge

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I just hope I can live up to the standard these animals have set.

Jendi - died 2013
Jendi - died 2013
This is my darling sister Jendi. Mum was cuddling her when she died on August 14, 2013. She was very sick but mum was away, so she said she wouldn't die until mum came home. When mum came home she gave her a couple of days to say good bye and to spend enough time cuddling and getting kisses. Then she said she had to go and find dad in heaven. She was the bestest sister ever!
Patch passed peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday, September 5, 2004. He belonged to my mum's brother and his family who live in the Blue Mountains. Patch was a real outdoorsy dog and loved going for long walks in the mountains around their house. Sometimes he was even bad and went on a walk when he was supposed to be home! He is greatly missed.
Gonzo as a pup
Gonzo - aged 16 years
This is Gonzo - as a pup and in old age. He would have been my brother. He died at Christmas time in 2000. I sort of, replaced him. Jendi tells me he was "the best". He was so gentle and loving and never tried to be mean. He was 17 years old when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but everyone still misses him terribly. I hope I can be as good as him!
Gizmo was a hero to Gonzo. Mum and dad had to get Jendi because Gonzo was so sad when Gizmo died. He was only little but he was VERY assertive! He had not been well treated as a young dog and he came to live with Gonzo and Scampi when he was about four (we think!). He was just the bravest dog in the world - but often it was Gonzo who had to front the big dogs that Gizmo had mouthed off at! Gizmo went to the Rainbow Bridge in 1998 and left a big hole in mum's heart.
Dum Dum exploring
This is Dum-Dum. Mum says that he was very loving but also independent. Hecrossed the Rainbow Bridge in 1992 and mum got BP so dad wouldn't be so sad.
Mickey in the kitchen
Mickey, AKA "Ginger Mick", was the most affectionate cat my dad has ever had. He would rub and head-butt all the time. He and Dum Dum were real brothers and they both died within months of each other. They are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge with their mother, "Cat".
Scampi with Cheech and Chong
Scampi was my mum's mother's "baby" - her little shadow. He almost died when he was about two and needed a BIG operation on his back. Mum took him swimming in Sydney Harbour every day for about two months and he finally got well again. He came to live with Gonzo when mum's mother died, and eventually, the two of them got on. But it took a while! He loved to be with people and would always snuggle as closely as possible. He went to live with Emelia and gave her years of dedication and love before he finally died of lead poisoning. He had apparently eaten some of the old paint that had been stripped off the house.
Cheechy at Potts Point
Cheechy belonged to mum's brother. She is the ideal that Jendi has been told she has to emulate! Apparently she was both very sweet and a bit of a "tease" with the boys! Everyone thought she was VERY, VERY beautiful too. She is sitting in the window of a flat my mum has with a great view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. One day, mum says it will be their "town-house" after she and dad move to the country.
Cheech and Chong
Chong never officially belonged to my mum, but he was always her dog! Mum bought him for her mum when Yo-Yo died. He would cry for a long time whenever mum left the "ancestral home" to go home. He eventually went to live with Cheechy but when mum came home on holidays from Papua New Guinea he had to be "loaned" back for the length of her stay. He is still calling her from the Rainbow Bridge.
Ching-lee had a sad beginning to life but was greatly loved at the end. My mum's mum found him abandoned and apparently mauled by bigger dogs in a vacant house near where she lived. She had to cut all his hair off, rub lanoline into his skin daily and give him heaps of TLC. Despite the traumatic experience he had lived through, he never became aggressive or defensive. He was just playful and loving. No doubt he will be playing still with Chong and Cheech at the Rainbow Bridge.
Yogi Bear
Mum got Yogi-bear from the pound as a "guard-dog" when she lived in PNG! Some hope - what a softie he was. But, he liked to play tricks on people. He would walk up to them and just past them - then he would turn around and pretend to snap at their heel. Once he saw they had got a fright he would wag his tail and jauntily wander off.
Mum looked after Emma-dog for a friend when she lived in PNG. She was a playful and loving friend who probably "caused" Yogi-bear's death. She gave Yogi such a new lease on life that the vet thought he probably gave himself a heart attack! She and Yogi will be having a great time togehter at the Rainbow Bridge.
Yo Yo
Yo Yo
Yo-yo was the first Pekingese that mum's family had ever owned. He was blinded by the big dog when he was only about three years old. He was so adept at getting around that the milkman (in the days when milk was delivered!) once said that he was sure that "sometimes that dog doesn't see me". When he was told that the dog had been completely blind for four years, he was stunned. Yo-yo looked a lot like Jendi (except for the nose!) and also had her sweet nature. Mum will never forget his gentle little tap whenever he wanted to be picked up and cuddled.

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Steve Irwin at the Rainbow Birdge

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