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Well, there is Jendi, but you already know about her. She is the absolutely bestest sister that a fellow could ever have. I respect her completely, but she never tries to take advantage of my devotion.

Since being on the net I have met some really beautiful girls. I have a very special girlfriend. She is incredibly beautiful and we are very much in love. Her name is Missy and she lives in Georgia (the USA not the former USSR one). She is a real Schnauzer and she has the most "out there" ears of anyone I know. She can pretend to be the Easter Bunny without using a costume! I just think she is gorgeous. You be the judge.

You can visit her by clicking on her picture, but you can just drool - I will protect what is mine!

On her first birthday     Pretending to be the Easter Bunny


Just recently I have made contact with my "twin". I think we must have been separated at birth and somehow she was put into some kind of "hibernation" for a year, taken to the USA and then, sort of, born again. It's the only explanation I can come up with. How else can you explain it. It's like I am looking into a mirror!

Her name is Bertha and they think she is only about 8 months old (yeah! right!). She lives in Miami Beach but I truly believe that she is an Aussie!

We don't only look alike - we act alike. She is a tomboy, a play-a-holic and a larrikin just like me. Her new mum and dad are even having trouble making her "go" outside. Well, we must both think alike. I don't like to "go" in public either!

Being my long lost twin, she is naturally so beautiful that she has to travel incognito!

You can e-mail her but she doesn't have her own website yet.

(Don't worry Missy - we are twins, so I can't think about her "that way" no matter how beautiful she is!)

Bertha - my lost twin      Bertha - it's like looking in a mirror.


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