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Jangles - You Done Good Award

You Done Good Award

Pretty Site Award 1 Pretty Site Award 2

Pretty Award 1 or Pretty Award 2

Jangles - Grey Ghost Award

The Grey Ghost Award
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You Done Good, The Grey Ghost or Jangles' Pretty Page Awards

  1. Must be family friendly
  2. Must not be a commercial site
  3. MUST be easy to navigate
  4. Must load reasonably quickly
  5. Jangles must love it

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Black Knight Award

The Black Knight Award

This is special award for those "bad to the bone" pets that normally don't get recognition. Jangles believes that excellence in any field ought to be rewarded, and if your pet's talent is in "being bad", this award is for them!



  1. This award is only available to pet sites
  2. The site must demonstrate (at least in part - even with one photo) the qualities of evil, badness, naughtiness or mischievousness
  3. Jangles must laugh when he sees it!


Application Form

Name: URL: Country: Email: Which award would you like to apply for?

What is the best thing about your site
What is the manifestation of evil for which it deserves the Black Knight Award?

Thank You

That's all there is to it

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