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These kind people have taken the time to view my site and then
done me the honour of giving me their awards.
They all have great sites themselves - please visit them. You will not be disappointed.

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Kayla and Kody's Award Memory lane Collies Award

Memory lane Collies Award Misty's Award

Cat's Kittens Award Jendi's Excellence Award

Mitten's Award Velvet's Award

Fidel's Award Cagneys Best Award

Just Thinking Award Working Dog Web Award

Annika's Award Tail Wagging Award

Best of the Best Award - Chechepooh Zoo Chechepooh"s Pet Site Award

Cutest Animal Site Award Ars Filidae Excellent Site Award

Misty's gift

Ashley's Cool Site The Only Girl's Excellent Site

Ashley's Best pet Site Cape Blanco's Fun Award

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