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Continental Europe

Salzberg Salzberg
View from the castle in Salzberg Street scene in Salzberg
Strauss Memorial Austria
Strauss memorial in a park in Vienna Town in the Austrian Tyrol.
Tyrol Mannekinpis
Beautiful scenery in the Austrian Tyrol Mannekin Pis in Brussels
Clog Maker Windmill
Clog Maker near Amsterdam Dutch windmill
Markam Volendam
Couple dressed in traditional dress in Markem - a tourist village near Amsterdam Volendam waterfront.
Eels Dutch village
Eels for sale in the market in Amsterdam Dutch village, on the way to Volendam, I think.
eastGerman border Rhine
Watchtower on the East German border. Village on the banks of the Rhine River.
Acropolis Delphi
View from the Acropolis in Athens. Ruins in Delphi, Greece.
Fishing village Fishing village
Fishermen tending their nets in a greek fishing village. Picturesque fishing village in Greece.
Cannon Leningrad bookstore
Cannon in the grounds of the Kremlin. Leningrad bookstore.
Moscow Church
Apartment building in Moscow. Church in Leningrad, I think.
Pavlovsk Gaudi Cathedral
Gardens in Pavlovsk - Catherine the Great's summer home??? The unfinished Gaudi Cathedral in Barcelona.
Bullfight Barcelona harbour
A bullfight in barcelona I think this is a replica of the Santa Maria in Barcelona Harbour.
Monserrat Street scene
Monserrat. Street scene in Spain.
Courtyard Danube junction
Courtyard in Spain. The junction of the Danube - between Novi Sad and Belgrade, I think.
Dubrovnic Promajna
Stret scene in Dubrovnic A little beach in the village of Promajna between Split and Dubrovnic. This was my attempt at "artistic" photos with my Kodak Instamatic - with my sunglasses over the lens!
Striking statue by Metkovic outside Diocletians Palace in Split.  

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England and Ireland

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