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Continental Europe

Amalfi Coast (Italy) Capri (Italy)
Scene along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. A pretty corner of Capri.
Venice (Italy) Florence (Italy)
Bus-stop in Venice! View of the Pont de Vecchio in Florence.
Florence (Italy) Lucky Pig - Florence (Italy)
Detail of the Cathedral doors in Florence Lucky Pig at the entrance to the markets in Florence
St Marks (Italy) Vatican (Italy)
St Mark's in Venice Gardens of the Vatican
Bridge of Sighs (Italy) Rome (Italy)
The Bridge of Sighs in Venice. Condemned prisoners walked across it to their execution. Arc de Constantine in Rome - just outside the Coloseum
Arles (France) Luzerne (Switzerland)
A picturesque avenue of trees in Arles. Chapel Bridge in Luzerne
Ellmau (Switzerland) Ellmau (Switzerland)
Ellmau Church in the valley of Laterbrunnen in Switzerland Laterbrunnen Valley
Eiffel Tower (France) Avignon (France)
Mum outside the Eifell Tower. Did you know that it weights about the same as the air that surrounds it? "Sur le pont d'avignon" - the Avignon Papal Palace is just across the bridge.
Ghigo (Italy) Ghigo - Italy
Ghigo - a little west of Turin and in the Italian Alps bordering France, Italy and Switzerland. Mum spent a few weeks at a "Youth Work Camp" run by the Waldesian Church at Agape - Ghigo.
Grasse (France) The Louvre (France)
Lavender fields near Grasse in southern France The Louvre.
Notre Dame (France) Versailles (France)
Notre Dame Cathedral Some of the gardens at the palace of Versailles.
Monaco Changing the Guards (Monaco)
The harbour in Monaco The Changing of the Guards at the Palace in Monaco.
Venice canal  - Italy Avignon Cathedral
The Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge in Venice Avignon Cathedral

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England and Ireland

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