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Jendi and I live in Birchgrove, which is a part of Balmain, a suburb of Sydney. It is an inner city suburb and used to be a working class area with originally mining, and then shipping, being the main employers in the district.

In the late 1960's and early 1970's, many of the lecturers and tutors from Sydney University found that it was very convenient, was on the harbour and had harbour and city views and good public transport. Thus began the "gentrification" of the area.

Accommodation in the area is much sought after, with the shopping centre having a real village atmosphere. People speak of the "Balmain bolshies" and "Balmain basket weavers" because of the many residents who espouse left-wing politics and alternative lifestyles.

We just like the parks that are close by, have great views, and let us run free!

We now have a special website called balmaindogs where you can see more pictures of Balmain, our park and lots of our friends.


Our House (Australia)
Our courtyard (Australia)
This is our house. Most houses in Balmain are terrace houses like this. Our back yard, before we got our own house. Mum and dad call it a "kennel" - we don't know why!
The Sir William Wallace Our Park
This is the Sir William Wallace Hotel where mum and dad go sometimes. The have special "pooch parking poles" where we stay, they always have water for us and lots of people pat you. It is good fun even if we don't go inside. This is a picture from our park where we mostly go for our walks. We have lots of doggy pals here that we can play with.We have a whole site where you can meet our pals.
Birchgrove (Australia) East Balmain (Australia)
This is Birchgrove from the air - you can see that it is quite close to the harbour and the bridge. You can also get the ferry to the city from Balmain East.
Birchgrove (Australia) Birchgrove Oval (Australia)
As you can see, we are just a little stretch of water away from the central business district. This is the middle of the shopping centre. This is Birchgrove Oval where we mostly go for our walks. It is just a couple of minutes from our house.
Bridge view Birchgrove Beach (Australia)
This is the view of the Harbour Bridge that we get from the front of the oval. It is a really good spot for the New year's Eve fireworks over the bridge. When you get to the front of the oval - by the harbour, there is a lovely little beach and you can go swimming if it is not winter and too cold!
Anzac Bridge (Australia) Playing at the park (Australia)
This is another park but we have to go in the car to get there. It is on the other side of Balmain. The bridge is the ANZAC Bridge and flies the Aussie flag on one end and the New Zealand flag on the other Mucking around with friends. Both these parks are ones where you can go off-leash. But, I'm not allowed to be "free" just yet. Mum says she can catch me easier if I have my lead dragging behind!

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