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India and Nepal

Typical "general store" in India Beach at Goa in India
A typical bar and cafe in Goa. This one is on the northern coastal area of the state. A beach in the south of Goa. The waters are warm and the people friendly.
Chuch of Bom Jesus in India Unusual business in Goa (India)
The Church of Bom Jesus in Goa. It contains the body of St Francis Xavier. An unexpected range of produce! This was in Margao - the commercial centre of Goa
Holy Man by the Ganges in India Beach in Goa in India
At Benares (Varanasi) by the holy river Ganges, many holy men sit and contemplate. There are also an extraordinary number of beggars. A beautiful beach in northern Goa.
Hindu temple in Goa (India) Sikh Golden Temple in India
Although Goa is predominantly Christian, due to the portugese influence, there are still many Hindu - especially in the central highland area. The Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar. The Holy Book is constantly read at the temple.
The road up to Khatmandu between India and Nepal Rural scene in India
Beautiful scenery on the VERY narrow road from India into Khatmandu. You can actually see Mt Everest (where it just looks like clouds) but I am not sure which peak it is A fairly normal scene in the rural areas of India. Bullocks are used extensively by people to assist them make a living.
Rural scene in India Indian train in India
Washing the elephant in the local stream. Indian trains can get VERY full. I believe that they even sell tickets to travel outside the train itself.
Khadjuraho temple carvings in India Kathmandu scene in Nepal
The Temples (Jain I think) at Khadjuraho are intricately carved with VERY erotic figures. Cleaning the wheat on the streets of Kathmandu.
Kathmandu in Nepal - cycling Kathmandu street in Nepal
One day we hired bikes and went on our own tour of Kathmandu. Here are Ann, Mary and Chris. A street scene in Kathmandu - the dung is dried on the walls and then used for heating.
Taj Mahal in India Street Scene in India
The remarkably stunning Taj Mahal - built by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife. The traffic can be chaotic - elephants, bikes, cars and buses jostle with cows for right of way!
Taj Mahal in India Tandouri Chef in India
A more typical view of the Taj Mahal. A tandouri chef shows how he cooks the chickens and the finished product.
Tibetans in Kathmandu, Nepal  
Tibetan refugees are very obvious in all the towns surrounding Khatmandu.  

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