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Angel Arch in USA Big Sur in USA
This picture is very dear to me. It is Angel Arch in Arches National park. I climbed around the inside rim of a crater to get it. Afterwards Michael told me he had found the actual pathway, on the outside, very wide and very safe. Highway 1 - I think, giving continuous spectacular views of the Californian coast, down to Big Sur.
Christmas Lights in USA Muskogee lights in USA
The Christmas Lights in the US are really impressive. We have very little like it in Oz. This is from Nachitoches, Louisiana The Garden of Lights in Muskogee, Oklahoma has to be seen to be believed. Millions of lights cascade down the hillside in a variety of shapes.
Chinatown - New York (USA) New York from the Empire State Bld. (USA)
Chinatown in New York in about 1969. It has probably changed a bit since then! The view from the Empire State Building in 1969. Would you recognise it today?
Niagara Falls (USA) Niagara Falls in winter (USA)
Niagara Falls in the summer. The colour is fairly true to reality. This is the Horseshoe Falls The American Falls in the winter.
San Antonio lights (USA) Arches national park (USA)
What a wonderful place is San Antonio. The Riverwalk is outstanding and with the Christmas Lights - pure magic! Arches National Park touched by the setting sun.
Three Gossips (USA) Grand Canyon (USA)
The Three Gossips - just one of the spectacular formations in Arches! The grand Canyon - what can you say - and it still had touches of snow.
Grand Canyon (USA) Mormon Temple - Salt lake City (USA)
I managed to take five rolls of film at the Grand Canyon - naturally there was a lot of "sameness" about them. The Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City. We heard the Mornon Tabernacle Choir at a Sunday service.
Colorado rockies (USA) Vernal Falls - Yosemite (USA)
The Colorado Rockies near Evergreen - just out of Denver. Vernal Falls in the wonderful Yosemite Valley.
Yosemite (USA) Half Moon - Yosemite (USA)
More of the marvellous scenery in the Yosemite Valley Half Moon - one of the most famous features of the Park.
Yosemite (USA) Buffalo in Oklahoma (USA)
More of Yosemite - it was just so special! Buffalo not too far from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Thank you for the Rain (USA) Squirrel in Oklahoma (USA)
A lovely statue called "Thank You for the Rain" near Tulsa. A little squirrel in a park in Tulsa.
Gardens near Tulsa (USA) Wiscasset wrecks (USA)
A lovely garden in Tulsa too. The wrecks of old schooners in the harbour at Wiscasset, Maine.
Lobster pots, Camden (USA) Salem, Witches Museum (USA)
Lobster pots in Camden, Maine The Witches Museum in Salem. Very athmospheric on a cold and rainy day.
Carmel Mission (USA) Lone Cypress - 17 mile drive (USA)
The Carmel Mission in Southern California. The famous Lone Cypress on the equally famous 17 Mile Drive.
San Francisco from the Mark Hopkins (USA) Golden Gate Bridge (USA)
San Francisco laid out before you from the top of the Mark Hopkins. The Golden Gate Bridge - it is quite a walk from the city to Sausalito over the bridge.
Storybook Land (USA) Frontier Land (USA)
Disneyland is everything you expect. Pure enchantment. Ready for some adventure in Frontierland.
Washington Monument (USA) Jefferson Memorial (USA)
Washington is beautiful at any time but during the cherry blossons it is stunning. The Jefferson Monument framed with cherry blossons.
Arizona Memorial (USA) Waikiki Beach (USA)
Visiting the Arizona Memorial is a very moving experience. A bit of relaxation on Waikiki Beach in the shadow of Diamond Head.


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