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As you can probably see I am part Schnauzer and part Maltese. I was born on March 3rd, 2001 in Sydney, Australia. I have a very loving and beautiful sister Jendi, two great feline siblings, Mittens and BP and a caring mum and dad. I have been a bit bad so far and don't always "go" outside, and I get very stroppy if I am left outside. I sure let them know that I want to come in!

I munch on everyone's fingers, ears or anything else that I can get my teeth into. (But, mum says I have to explain, that I don't bite in anger - just for fun!)

Mum used to call me her "Black Prince" after Prince Edward (father of Richard II of England). She thinks I will be a great warrior, but also a gentle and loving person. The Black Prince was always one of her historical heros. When I am naughty she calls me her "Black Knight". I don't know what the difference is but she says it is something to do with wearing black and being a baddie! Go figure!

Mum has officially changed my "moniker" to The Grey Ghost now. As I grew up I got a bit lighter in colour and I can sneak around and scare her by suddenly turning up under her feet - great fun!

Me with my dad and beautiful Jendi
Cute? Ain't it the truth!
This is really Jendi's bed, but she lets me use it. I told you she was beautiful!
I just love to tear the papers up and strew stuff all over the floor! Jangles, NO! I said "Don't chew the papers!"
After a hard day's work, what better than to lie on the lounge and watch teev? I think Jendi started to like me because I was just so darn cute!
In bed - Jendi and Jangles Mittens and me
Jendi still lets me share her bed - but I'm not sure for how much longer! Mittens and I have some good games - she is ever so gentle with me.
Wrestling together best mates - Jangles and Jendi
Sometimes, Jendi has to supervise our games - just to be sure that noone plays too roughly. We really are the best of mates - we just love to run and play until we are exhausted.

All Growed Up

Jangles is now 8 months old, has had his 'little operation' and been to the 'hairdresser'. The vet tried his best, but the Valium Implant still hasn't taken!
Jangles Jangles
Hey! Whatcha staring at, mate? Certainly not you, my good man!
Jangles relaxing Jangles -clean
You're not getting me into that bath! Cleanliness is next to godliness!
Jangles - not shaved Jangles - maintains standards
I never shave on holidays - anyone's holidays! One must maintain standards!


Now that I am such a gentleman, and so mature, I do have "lady companions".

Meet the Loves of my Life

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